Saving Esports

Defining the Problem

Our Neighbor's Pie

The Bubble of 2018

Inflated Expenses, Minimal Income

Challenges in Advertising

The Fleeting Nature of Esports

The Good Things

Global Community + Interest

Ease of Access

Proposals Moving Forward

Immediate Decisions

Esports Campus

Community Owned Leagues + Organizations

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Research to Save Esports

Participate with the industry's best and brightest to usher in the greatest era of Esports.

"The best time to fix a problem is when everyone can see the problem, but no one knows the answer."

A Note from Quez

This research is a living project centered around Esports. My only goal for this research is for it to enable a flourishing era for the industry, one that participants worldwide know is possible, but can't yet see. There is no requirement to be an industry insider, competitor, business owner, or anything of the like. If you're reading this, it's because you care about Esports and want to see it succeed. Gamers don't like to take losses, so let's run it back.

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